No excuses

Sitting in front of the television, binge watching my favourite tv show i came across a quote. Well the quote went like “I am who I am, no excuses”.Its not often that words heard or rather said by a favourite character stay with me but there was something very different about this one line, it meant something to me and very soon became one line i told myself every morning.

Each day we come across so many people who want us to change and they believe that it is the best thing that we can do. But remember you are what you are and one should be proud of who they are. You are what you are today because of everything that you’ve gone through. A heartbreak, loss of a near one, broken dreams, things you’ve achieved, friends you’ve made and the experiences you’ve had. Anyone who tells you, that you need to change should be asked to step into your shoes and look at the world in the way you’ve seen it and experienced it.

Don’t like something? Say it. Don’t approve of something? Try change it. Don’t want ti turn up for a party? Don’t. Don’t want to talk to someone? Dont. Want to do something completely irrational? Do it. Do whatever makes you happy.It doesn’t matter whether the world approves of it or not. Just believe in yourself and the world will have no choice but to believe in you.

And who are we kidding?! Theres always great amount of satisfaction in doing something we always wanted to do even if it turns out to be a disaster. P.S. A million failed attempts at baking.


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